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Three Games for a Week!

Three Games for a Week!

  • $25.00

*Book your games today to pick a FREE game to KEEP out of our grab bag on your pick-up day! This offer is valid while supplies last!

So. We miss you guys. The games miss you. We keep getting so many great titles in and no way to share them yet! We are busy working on our new location at 98 Prince William Street, but in the meantime, we'd like to share our game joy with you anyway.

We are launching our interim rental program which will break the confines of the old Home Game rental program. We will be offering just about any title in our library. for you to take home for a whole week. 

The cost is $25/wk for 3 games of your choice. If you'd like to sign up for 4 weeks at once, pay in advance and you save $20! 

Pick-up and drop-off will be at 98 Prince William, Tuesdays from 5:30pm-7:30pm and Saturdays 10am-noon. If you pick up on a Saturday, you just need to drop them back the next Saturday, and the same for Tuesdays. Easy peasy. It will also give you a sneaky peak of our new spot while it's getting all spruced up for you!

Also, our library is growing everyday because Susan has a problem and she can't stop buying all the pretty games, so check back often! Our library list can be found in the menu bar. Just hover over the top library link to break it into pages for you. Tell us the name of your three top games and maybe a few other back-ups in the "notes to seller" box just before you check out. If you're looking for something you don't see, please drop us a line and ask!

Please be advised that orders must be placed no later than Sunday 6pm for Tuesday pick-up and Thursday 6pm for Saturday pick-up. This will give us the chance to make sure they're available for you and get back to you for secondary picks if need be. If any orders are placed after these times, they will fall under the next week's pick-up on that day. If we are unable to have a successful back-and-forth if your first choices aren't available, we will have to cancel your order and give you a refund for that week.

We will NOT have our library there with us, so we will not be able to handle any pop-in requests, sorry.

Games are only to be used in non-smoking homes/environment. Please take care of them and keep them clean. Do not handle nuts (haha, yes) or shellfish when using the games. We can only take you at your word for this one, but it helps us keep other customers safe. Don't be a dink about it. Allergies are awful.

If you do not return your games on time or if you return our games incomplete or damaged, you will not be able to rent from Offline again, we're sorry. We will also sad face you with our arms folded, all the way down the street. :( If you damage a game and are like "I did a thing...I feel terrible...can I replace it?", we'll talk.

Also, this listing does NOT include our jumbo games, but we will be offering them too with their own listing.

We encourage you to set up a profile online with us if you haven't done so already. We promise we won't spam you. We're not that organized.