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Card & Board Subscription FAQs

Card & Board Box

Q: Will I get games I already own?

A: As long as you send us a link to your collection page on and make sure it's updated by the 28th, the month before your pack is due to arrive, you're good!

 Q: How do the payment options work?

A: For the 1 month pack, it will auto renew each month, but you can cancel at anytime. For the 6 month pack, it will auto renew after 6 months, and if you cancel, it will just mean you won't be registered for the next 6 packs after your current 6 months.  You will still receive your subscribed 6 months of goodies. (There are no refunds on subscriptions, only cancellations). 

Q: What is the "Value Shipping" option and why is it only associated with Card & Board Box?

A: Part of the great deal of our Card & Board Subscription Service is that we subsidize the shipping for you.  We pay some of it you so feel even better about signing up!

Q: I'm in the Saint John, NB area.  When/where can I pick up my box?

A: Boxes will be available starting on the 10th of each month (the month after you register for Card & long as you register on or before the 28th...).  Until we get up and running, you can pick up your games 5:30-6:30 Monday AND Thursday in the parking lot next to our building, 358 Rothesay Avenue.  Just look for the black Beetle!  After we open our doors (fingers crossed mid October!), they will be available in our shop, starting at noon on the 10th of the aforementioned month. (Simple, right?)