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For Schools, Educators, Youth Groups and Parents


Are you looking for somewhere new and exciting to share with your students? Offline Board Game Cafe may be just the spot you’re looking for! Conveniently located in Uptown Saint John, Offline offers your students a fun and educational environment to be a kid and learn. Games teach and enforce valuable concepts such as logic, strategy, probability, teamwork, patience, dexterity, memorization, problem-solving and grace in both winning and losing.

We have recently partnered with a school board representative to help create an index of games that help hit educational goals for different high school subjects. This extremely valuable resource can be found here.

Our game gurus will engage your classes in games that are tailored to fit the age and size of your group. No one gets left out when you play with us!

At an affordable $3/child it also provides a practical option for all students.  Any accompanying school staff or helpers are admitted at no cost.

Not only is Offline an ideal spot for your school to visit, we also make a great team-building event location for teachers and educational staff!

A few things to keep in mind while planning your visit to Offline: 

  • We can't allow outside food and drinks, we apologize. We do have a full menu and are happy to cater to your hungry crew if you'd like to plan something not on our menu in advance.
  • We ask that a ratio of 1:5 is adhered to for accompanying adults:children.
  • Please give us at least 48 hours notice to book your group.

Contact us today to plan or book your event at