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Kickstarters We Support


Our goal is to fund at least one super cool Kickstarter project per completion month, and have an in-house game release event!  (The games with an "*" next to them will only be one copy to play for the cafe as we were unable to get a retailer package....but couldn't resist the game!  We will have it featured in the cafe, but not a full-on event.  All unmarked games will be able for purchase at a limited quantity.  We also remove games from our list if they are unable to secure full funding) Here's what we're supporting so far:

*Space Base Mutiny: The $1 Game

Dwarves in Trouble

Collectors and Capers

Fire of Eidolon

Isle of Monsters

Metal Minds


Carrotia + Carroting Expansion




Mint Works

*Dig a Dino!

Problem Picnic: Attack of the Ants

*Ahead In The Clouds



Pretending to Grownup

Abandon Planet

Arkham Ritual

*ENTROPY - Worlds Collide

Grannies and Kitties


The Grimm Forest

Mutant Crops

The Last Garden

Strawberry Ninja

*Empires of the Void II

*Dinosaur Island

*GKR: Heavy Hitters


Stop Thief!



Hardback - The "Pre-quill" to Paperback

*Humans Being




Beasts of Balance


Minty Delivery

Unstable Unicorns

*End of the Trail

Dice Hospital

Mars Open: Table Top Golf



Monster Lands


*Kill the Unicorns

*Human Era