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Sultans of Karaya

Sultans of Karaya

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Far out in the Indian Ocean lies the archipelago of Karaya divided in many tiny countries, each led by a Sultan. It's a good life for the Sultan, with slaves to do his bidding, fabulous wealth and beautiful dancers to keep him entertained. No wonder everyone's lining up to take a shot at stealing the throne! Gameplay consists of five rounds with a running score determining the final winner. Each round, players are dealt role cards belonging to a specific faction. On one side is Loyalists — the Sultan and his Guards — and on the other side the rebels – assassins and slaves - whose goal is to overthrow the government either by direct means (murdering the Sultan) or via popular uprising. Complicating things are the Neutrals. Most Neutral characters can choose to win with one side or the other. For example, the Belly Dancer can stay hidden and win with the Loyalists, or she can support the rebellion and use her seductive skills to distract Guards (that may otherwise prevent an Assassin from killing a loyalist). Playing is quite simple. In turn, each player gets a single action. Possible actions include peeking at another player’s role card, swapping with another player’s face-down role card, or taking a character action. Using a character’s action results in the role card being turned face-up, so everyone at the table will immediately become aware of a player’s current loyalty. This often leads to other players responding by either supporting the player or by using the opportunity to eliminate an enemy.

  • Age: 12+
  • 5-15 players
  • 60 minutes

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