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Tsuro of the Seas

Tsuro of the Seas

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In Tsuro of the Seas you will sail the treacherous waters of the Mystic Seas in an engaging game of adventure and suspense! As the captain of one of the Emperor’s mighty Red Seal ships, you will navigate the seas by placing Tsuro wake tiles to direct your vessel. Take great caution to avoid your opponents’ ships … and those mysteries lurking on the horizon and under the sea. Guide your ship with a steady hand and be the last captain sailing to survive the mystic seas and win!

Set sail at once! You have a mighty quest to fulfill for the Emperor!


  • 1 game board
  • 56 wake tiles
  • 10 daikaiju tiles
  • 8 Imperial Japanese Red Seal Ships
  • 2 dice (1 gold, 1 blue)
  • Rules
  • Game Play
  • In Tsuro of the Seas players compete against each other and the game board! The same, easy to use Tsuro tiles are used as wakes for ships’ movement.

    The Tsuro of the Seas game board is slightly bigger and played on a 7x7 grid with coordinates designated along the top and left side. Each set of coordinates is represented by a gold and blue die; gold across the top and blue along the left side.

    Located randomly on the board are giant monsters called daikaiju. Each of daikaiju tiles will have arrows numbered 1-5 on each side plus a rotation arrow in the right hand corner.

    On the active players turn he/she will roll both dice. If the result is a 6, 7, or 8 the daikaiju will move. With all other die rolls the daikaiju remain stationary. When the daikaiju move, the active player will roll a single die that will determine which order and direction the daikaiju move. Should a daikaiju hit another daikaiju, wake tile, or ship that game component is removed from the board. If it’s a player’s ship that is hit, that player is out of the game.

    The last player remaining on the board is the winner!

    • 2 to 8 players
    • ages 8 and up 
    • play time 20-40 minutes.

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